What is livingtogod.com?

What is livingtogod.com? This website is dedicated to helping people learn to live for God through Christ. A classic definition of theology is “the doctrine of living to God” (Ames’ Marrow of Theology). A generation later, Petrus Van Mastricht improved slightly on this definition by defining theology as “the doctrine of living to God through Christ” (Theoretical-Practical Theology”.

My goal is to help people learn to live for God through Christ. I do that as a pastor in my church. I also do it as husband, father, and friend. But over time I have come to believe what I have often heard: that the written word let loose creates an impact far beyond what I could ever accomplish in personal meetings or individual correspondence.

So I plan to write on anything and everything that comes to my mind that seems related to learning to live for God through Christ. I intend to include my process and learning as a pastor who studies, preaches, teaches, and counsels. In short, my hope is that God may see fit to let my personal ministry have a godward impact on many people I will not meet until glory.

One of my troubles is that there is so much bad or twisted content out there. But there is also a lot of good content. The problem is often in discerning it when you see it. If my writing helps people become more picky about what they expose themselves to, I will count it worth it.

But I also hope I might have something to offer to readers. I am in my 30’s, so I’m young but not not a novice. I have a lot to learn but I’ve also come a ways already. And I believe in the value of learning from other’s wisdom. I have benefited so much from others that I have begun to feel convicted that I am wrongfully holding back what might help the next generation.

I do not consider myself a good writer. I begin this site in part to help develop my skills and usefulness in that area.

And that is part of what it is all about. I desire to be useful. I want to learn to live for God through Christ. But I would love to be used by God to help others do the same. That’s what this site is for.